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Horse Hock Protection, Bed Sore Protection, Horse Hock Sore, Equine Hock Sore, Hock Protection, Sassari Hock Smile Popular

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HockSmile popular is better than ever, incredible improvements made to this article with remarkable success.THE HOCKSMILES ARE MARVELOUS PRODUCT, IF YOU HAVE NO PATIENCE AND ARE AFRAID FOR THE HIND LEGS OF YOUR HORSE, DO NOT PURCHASE THIS SUPER EASY AND GREAT ITEM!The horse hock sore is a complicated part of the horse to treat and protect, as there is nothing to hold on to.This item does an outstanding job, BUT, MIGHT TAKE YOU SOME TIME TO FIND THE CORRECT FIT AND TIGHTNESS OF THE STRAP IN ORDER TO STAY ON!Some customers love them and re-order, some return!100% GUARANTEED it does NOT sag down. However, when you are afraid to stay behind your horse to attach the Hock Smile you might face an issuein HOW to attach it CORRECTLY!PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO TOTALLY DOWN THE HOME PAGE FOR INSTRUCTIONS!Being ahead of the issue is the image of a savvy horse owner!"HockSmile" is the answer. Simply wrap around and attach the ELASTIC loop tight to the hook.Horse hock Protection SOLD IN SETS X 2* 100% Stay on* Strong!* 100% It Works!* Soft lasting lining!* Fit most horses!WE DO CUSTOM SIZE!