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Sassari Fly Leggings for Horses, Horse Fly Leggings, Fly Boots, Fly Leggings, Fly Wraps, Fly Boots for Horses

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Excellent ALL PURPOSE leggings, suitable for wound, fetlock and fly protection. 90%Arizona teal combined with a peach strip.VERY COMPATIBLE QUALITY WITH MAJOR BRAND NAMES FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE!Breathable Universal air mesh flies leggings for the savvy horse owner.The material provides 90% UV radiation protection.SOLD IN SET OF 4Don't rip or tear, neither create sweat!Excellent ventilation! A 100% flexible rubber stay to prevent the boots from sagging!Measure circumferences and add 2" (inches) to it!Excellent for any wound protection if needed!Extremely comfortable!Vertical hook/loop closure is 1 1/2" or 2" wide!100% guaranteed, NO sagging!No stomping created by biting flies!Diminishes joint aggravation, foot issues and muscle exhaustion brought on by persistent stomping!YOU MUST MEASURE THE CIRCUMFERENCE DIMENSION OF THE FETLOCK FOR THE RIGHT SIZE and ADD 2" TO ITALL SASSARI LEGGINGS ARE BETWEEN 13.5" AND 15 " TALL.