Keeeva™ Marketplace Shipping Rates

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Keeeva™ Marketplace Shipping Rates

We're delighted that you've chosen to use our new online equestrian marketplace! One of the most common questions we receive from sellers is, "What should I charge for shipping?" We've taken all the guesswork out by creating some default rates for your use in our store. 

For starters, our checkout shipping rates currently only reflect shipping items within the United States. We do offer international shipping, but those rates are a bit more complicated to list here. set up. 

The rates you see below represent what a customer can expect to see during the checkout process. *NOTE: If they have selected "Local Pickup," they will receive free shipping on that order. Currently, our storewide shipping rates are based on the total order value. So, the higher the value of the products added to the order, the higher the shipping price.

Current Shipping Rates - United States Addresses Only:

US Domestic Flat Rate Shipping

At this time, sellers are not able to customize the shipping rates. If one of your items would require additional actual shipping costs due to its size or weight (we're thinking about a saddle, for example), we'd suggest adding the difference directly into the price of your product. That's the easiest way to ensure your shipping costs are all covered by the final order price!