What is Keeeva?

Welcome to Keeeva - Built for horse people BY horse people.

We have a passion for horses. We also spend our days building websites for clients (pesky day job) in order to support our horsey habits. What could be better than combining the two to create the very first FREE online equestrian marketplace?

Nothing. Starting Keeeva has been a dream come true, in so many ways, and we've met so many awesome horse people along the way!

Our mission is simple: provide the world's first FREE online marketplace for all things equestrian. Our sellers pay nothing out of pocket. All fees are transaction based, and those are paid by your buyer at the time of sale. Learn more about fees on our marketplace.

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Exclusive, Custom-Designed Equestrian Goodies

It is SO much fun designing and producing fun, practical horse products made from quality materials! There are so many "inside jokes" within the equestrian community... so much material, so little time.

We're constantly designing and adding new products to our Keeeva™ Shop. There's something for every equestrian enthusiast in there!

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